House of People, that’s us!

House of People,
that’s us!

House of People – that’s us!

Some say it’s our architecture that characterizes us – the spaces, light, angles and the elegant marble. Others think the contrasts between history and modern property is what makes us unique.

While we agree with all of this, we think the people are what makes us special. People who meet, listen, converse and inspire each other.

That’s what we mean with our name. House of People.

Cult-declared Folkets Hus at Norra Bantorget

Newly founded company reopen a Stockholm icon.

Our company is reopening the iconic Folkets Hus at Norra Bantorget in Stockholm. You are likely familiar with our property – the cult-favorite Folkets Hus at Norra Bantorget. The house has organized many historical and interesting meetings for over 60 years.

The House of People is undergoing a total renovation

Please excuse us – We are under construction!

Currently the house is undergoing a total renovation. We are modernizing, preserving and optimizing every inch of the house, with great care for Sven Markelius original architecture of course, taking his vision into a new era.

When we open in early 2025 we’ll proudly present a modern and high-tech conference and congress center with significant capacity in the heart of Stockholm.