Room for improvement

Room for

Room for improvement

We are a place for meetings. Whether you’re looking to arrange a personal workshop for a small number of people, a large congress or an event using the entire house – we have the capacity, ability and the ambition. We’ll customize the event according to your desires and needs – so you can focus on improving your team.

The congress hall in Folkets Hus

The heart of the house – the Congress Hall

Entering our grand congress hall, that accommodates 1500 persons, is an experience itself with its vaulted roof and a starry sky in the ceiling. Many historical meetings have taken place here, like the first UN Environmental conference, way back in 1972.

Conference room in the House of People

Meeting for 2 or conference for 1500 people?

We have rooms in all sizes and varieties – 36 rooms where 30 of them are meeting rooms workshops, meetings and conferences. Some of them have fixed seating while others are more flexible and can be rearranged according to your needs. We also offer fully flexible rooms that you can arrange as you’d like to.

People's House - Salon

Different types of events that can be held at House of People


Showcase Exhibition

Movie Screening

House of People - Restaurant

Food and beverage

Food culture is a priority for us. We prepare all food from scratch on-site, serving everything from breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner. We also have the capability to set up food and beverage next to your conference room.

You’re also welcome to the café in the lobby entrance! Enjoy Swedish pastries and lighter meals with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. We also have our own restaurant – vivid and tastefully decorated for up to 400 seated persons.

Soon we’ll be able to tell you more about our food concept, keep your eyes open…

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