If our walls could talk

If our walls
could talk.

If our walls could talk.

Our historical house in the heart of Stockholm have been around for quite some time. It has hosted executives from corporations, celebrities and the labor movement. Guests from all around the world. Many memorable moments have taken place within or walls, and now we are looking forward to creating new history. Together.

Architecture signed Sven Markelius.

Functionalistic architecture by renowned architect

The original ‘Folkets Hus’ was inaugurated in as early as 1901, but the real estate soon proved to be too small for the growing operations. At this point one of the most famous architects in Sweden, Sven Markelius, was hired.

He is famous for his functionalistic works and has multiple landmarks across Stockholm. His mission was to create the venue for the labor movement in Stockholm. The old building was torn down and the new one was completed in 1960.

At the moment of the inauguration it was one of the biggest and most modern conference facilities in Europe – a master piece in functionalistic style.

House of People

One of the most beloved and important places in Stockholm

Norra Bantorget (“Northern Railway Square”) is a historically and culturally important place with many landmarks. For example, dignities such as Miles Davis and Frank Zappa has performed in our congress hall. But most importantly, the place has played a crucial role in the history of the labor movement.

House of People has a hundred-year of history.

Can’t get enough of history?

It’s hard to summarize a century of history in the span of a few short sentences. If you want to know more about our history, feel free to send an email to guest@houseofpeople.se